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10 Ways to Earn Free Nintendo eShop Codes in 2019 | Easy Money Glitch

Many players love to play Nintendo games in their free time. Nintendo store contains millions of games. All of these games are famous and are very much in demand. Before going further, let’s talk about how you can get free eShop codes? And what are these codes?

Actually, Nintendo eShop is an online store where user can easily download content as well as WiiU home console.  This article is providing a complete guide about how you can get free eShop codes.

About Nintendo & Free eShop Codes

You can get content from Nintendo eShop by adding some credits and funds in the eShop. Along with the games, you can download the other stuff related to the game as well.

There was a time when virtual console systems where used to have fun of game. This facility is available on the Nintendo platform.


Moreover, you can also watch HD video on Nintendo. You can view and check the reviews of other users as well as ratings of the downloaded content.

eShops cards is basically a kind of digital currency that you can use to on Nintendo platform.

Well, by using your eShop cards and codes you can easily download the content from different platforms such as 3D games, Wii U and other stuff available on Nintendo.

Do many users ask we can only buy content online or also from the store? Is there any website that provides free cards?

Every user will be served with an unutilized card having 16 digit eShop code obtained from original Nintendo eShop card.

Advantages of Free eShop Codes

You can get your code without putting much effort.  You just need to apply in Nintendo eShop account for it. If you have funds or credits then you can easily get desired games and applications from the platform.

You can easily make all purchases with it. In other words, there is no need to use your personal credit card here.

How To Get Free eShop Codes Online? (10 Ways)

We have worked hard along with our team members to search the methods that provide users free eShop codes. Without wasting time any further let’s have a look at these methods one by one

1- Using Our Online Free eShop Codes Generator Tool

Simply tap on the “generate now” button to get your code. Once you get your code copy it somewhere and redeem it. The generator will take a few seconds to create a code for you. It takes a few seconds as the algorithm is processing at the backend. Keep patience until you get your code.

NOTE: – Number of codes created by the generator is limited. The code you get may also be used by other users as well. So, if one code is not working for you then go back and create another for yourself.

2- Use Swagbucks

Have you heard about Swagbucks? Swagbucks has its own currency called Swags or SBs. You can get swags or points by completing some easy tasks like survey fulfilling, watching videos and other such tasks.

By using Swagbucks shopping portal you can easily get rewards. At the start when you complete one survey you can get almost 60 Swagbucks. Try this simple tip to get free steam wallet codes easily.

By using your reward points you can get eShop gift cards. Don’t worry if you have 500 swags you can get $5 Nintendo gift card.

Quick tip: More demanding and expensive Amazon gift cards are available on “sale” so that you get the best rates.

3- MyPoints

MyPoints consists of a lot of surveys. Many users do not feel so good about completing surveys. However, you must know surveys available on MyPoints are attractive and interesting.

After completing each survey you will get your reward. The reward depends on the survey as well as on completion time. When you get 1000 points that almost equal to $10 you can cash these points to get free eShop codes gift cards.

If you visit another website you will find out that it provides gift card codes for fewer points.

Don’t worry when you cash your points you will immediately get your gift card. Along with eShop gift card, you can also get gift cards of other famous brands such as Walmart, PayPal, Sephora, Groupon, Target, etc.

4- Using InboxDollars

If you are a beginner and just started using your Wii device, then you must know that all the games are available on the eShop platform. However, everyone cannot afford these games.

Well, we know that you love to play games but still you don’t want to spend your $10 on digital stuff. Isn’t it? For such users, who do not want to use their money on games and wants to get them for free InboxDollars is here for them.

Well, it is free but not free. It means to get free stuff you will have to complete some very easy tasks such as downloading application, survey completion, etc. we think everyone will be agreeing to do these tasks to get free codes.

The coins or rewards you get from InboxDollars can be used to get your free eShop codes. Make sure you contain enough coins in your account.

Many other websites are also available on the internet. These websites provide tasks to users and they complete they get rewards. We will also talk about these websites but let’s first talk about it in depth.

Don’t worry; tasks provided to you by these websites are really simple and easy. You just need to fill a form and provide your name, age, hobby, gender, etc. some websites also provide tasks like downloading or playing a game, watching the video, etc.

If you are not interested in getting free Nintendo eShop gift card then you can also get a gift card of other brands such as Amazon Gift card, Netflix gift cards, etc.

Furthermore, you can also get real money in exchange for these rewards. If you encounter any issue simply contact their support team.

5- Digital Gift Card from InboxPounds

InboxPounds is a similar website as InboxDollars. This website also provides the same tasks and rewards to its users. This website is famous in the UK and Europe. 

As we have already mentioned in the InboxDollars section, you can complete some simple tasks and get your eShop codes online easily. 

You can approach this website in any country. So, without wasting time anymore go and get yourself registered.

6- Complete Tasks on LifePoints

Well, LifePoints is a new GPT website. You can get your Nintendo eShop codes by spending your few minutes on easy tasks. Although it is a new website it is quite trustworthy.

Currently, this website is available only in limited countries. However, from its growth we can clearly see soon it will be available worldwide. If you want to check if this website works in your country or not then simply visit its official website. Want to get free PSN Codes right now? try this simple method.

7- Reward Points For Free eShop Codes

PointPrizes is one of the best websites to get reward points. It is liked by many users. 

Register yourself with this platform. After registration, website demand from you to complete some tasks. You just need to complete these tasks here.

PointPrizes offer many rewards to its users. These tasks can be completed within a few minutes to get free eShop codes.

You just need to spend some time and effort on these tasks and you will get your reward more than expectations. You can play an interesting game, watch the video, complete some puzzles, etc. You just need to provide your email address and some other information. You may think it causes privacy issue but we think you will be ready for this sacrifice as it provides free eShop codes.

You can also get free PSN codes, free steam wallet codes along with eShop codes. 

8- Gold Points on My Nintendo

Do you know about the gold points offer? Well, MyNintendo offers free 30 Gold points when you download the first skunk bundle on your Wii U console.

Do you know the worth of the gold points? Well, we must tell you they are very difficult to earn. You can get gold points when you buy a game on eShop.

Well, you are doing these entire things to get new games for free. What if we tell, you can get these games for free directly?

You can buy the first skunk bundle with almost $24.99 for a limited amount of time. You can get it for free.

Well, this game still provides you free gold point rewards. All you need to do is to install the first skunk bundle.

We have tried this and it worked. Make sure you have Wii U connected to your My Nintendo account to get your gold points. 

9- Free Games, Gold Points & Free eShop Codes

Well, if you are worried about the worth of gold points as compare to the free eShop codes. Then we must tell, you can buy Metroid II: Return of Samus, AM2R: Another Metroid 2 remake with only 30 gold points.

Important Note:  one thing we want to clarify that we have no control over the start and end date of these deals. Sometimes, they remain only for a few minutes and sometimes for days. Don’t forget to add a bookmark on our website. It will be advantageous for you.

10- Fiverr For Free eShop Codes

You must spend your time on fruitful tasks and websites. Rather than wasting time on fake websites which only fool its users and gives you nothing at the end. 

Fiverr is an amazing platform for freelancers. If you have some skills or you are creative like you are a very good artist, good content writer, the designer then you can earn through these skills. 

Your gigs will take you at the point where you can get yourself a new Wii U console containing different games. Well, it is the best way to earn money as well as it will polish your skills.

We are not promoting Fiverr. We thought if you can get free eShop codes by using your skills then why not. 

How To Redeem Funds From Free eShop Codes

By following a specific procedure you can send the points that you have earned into your funds. One thing you must keep in mind is that it is only compatible with some devices like Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, etc.

It is completely your choice from which website you want to make a purchase. You just need to choose Nintendo eShop option present in the menu and then add funds option. After that, the redeem option will appear, tap on this option. Get Free Amazon Codes for free shopping online.

You can add these points in two different ways. These are given below

Either you can select 16 digit code and tap on OK to complete the transaction. 16 digit code is located under the silver panel at the back of the eShop card.

Or move to the scan QR code option and compare it with the code present at the top of the Nintendo eShop card. You must keep both these in one frame.

In Verdict

These are some authentic methods to get free eShop codes online. However, Nintendo is not growing very rapidly nowadays so these methods are only limited in number. 

We highly suggest you keep yourself updated about the latest offers available on the Nintendo website. We will also try to provide you updates. If you think we have missed any method you can share it with us. We will appreciate it and gives you credit. 

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